Center for Global Art

All great things spring from an initial spark — that first dream of "what could be".

The initial spark for the Center was seeing some incredible art represented on social media that had little, if any, physical presence in the art world.

The art world is a complicated place, driven by a long list of criteria for what makes great art. Galleries show what they feel fits their criteria of great art — and those criteria are as varied as the galleries displaying the art. What is great art to one space, would not receive a second glance by another space.

That is the nature of art. That does not have to be the nature of art exposure.

The initial dream is rather vast — an enormous, "brick and mortar" world-class art center that would provide space for exposure, inspiration, education, and creativity — supporting the visual arts in a sustainable environment.

The Center would become a tourist destination, and a location for brokers, curators, buyers, and museums to come to "discover" new and upcoming art work. The primary vision for the Center would be a location for the discovery and development of underexposed talent from around the globe. That still is the dream!

However, reality forces a large number of steps to fall-in-line between the initial dream and the existence of such a complex physical space — so, we are beginning online — many great things begin online (understatement).